Are your items listed in Australian dollars?

Yes, all prices listed on Creative Creatures are in Australian dollars and include GST. We hope to provide the best range of animal products at the best possible prices. Prices may change without notice.

Where can I send a bank or personal cheque, or a money order?

If posting your payment, please address it to:

Creative Creatures
PO Box 333
Hall ACT 2618

Personal cheques normally require 5-7 days clearance time. We will send your order as soon as the money is cleared in our account. If cheques bounce we will add any penalty fees from the bank onto your order.

Items paid for by Australia Post Money Order or by a bank cheque will be posted immediately.

We will hold orders for 2 weeks (14 days) from the date you place the order. If we don’t receive payment by this time, we’ll contact you to confirm whether you would still like to process the order. If not, we’ll place items back in the store.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept:
1. Visa & Mastercard through PayPal.
2. Direct deposit
3. Personal cheques
4. Money Order or Bank Cheque.

See other FAQs for further information on each method of payment.

Not found the answer?

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